Carved Bone Pendant

The word ‘whetū’ means star. For Tourism New Zealand this means someone who lives their mission, vision and values. As part of their internal engagement we helped to design and commission awards and rewards as recognition of staff achievements. The first being the carved pendant the Whetū Wheriko. Carved in bone by Ngāti Paoa artist Kerry Kapua Thompson.

Whetu Award Certificates

The different awards are presented with accompanying certificates for different achievements. Whetū – the star. Whetū Mātaiata – the morning star. Whetū Nui – the super star. Whetū Wheriko – shining star.

Wooden Carved Award

The Annual Whetū-Wheriko Award winner is presented with with a Paunamu Whanāu Pendant and a carved Kauri Whanāu Trophy inscribed with their name. This trophy is returned after a year for the next recipient.