Tourism New Zealand came to us to create an integrated campaign to attract visitors from Victoria and New South Wales to the Northland and West Coast regions. Their business objectives were to increase regional holiday spend 2% faster than gateway spend and to see an increase in booking and travel to these regions within the next 5 months.

We knew the target audience was motivated by the experience rather than the regions themselves. They seek iconic experiences that interest them regardless of where they are located. The core strategic thought was to show ‘New Zealand is like nothing you’ve seen before.’

The range of deliverables for this campaign was vast including 115 Digital Out of Home sites, bespoke kiosk and transport wraps, 48 digital banner executions and over 200 individual image assets for social media and native web content. With critical deadlines and multiple stakeholders, we had to set a new level of ‘organised efficiency’ to deliver this volume of work.

Increase in flight enquiries
Increased spend in Northland
Increase in total arrivals

Digital Banners

A range of digital banners were created for active considers in the planning and booking phase. The campaign featured a total of 48 digital banners across the different offers and size variations.

Facebook Display Ads

A suite of offer based Facebook Ad units were created to encourage those on the cusp of booking their holiday.